The One Trick To Never Charge Lower Prices Again

How many times have you been in a situation where someone thought the prices you are charging for your DJ services was too expensive?

And how many times did you lower prices to book the gig?

Well stop.

Just stop lowering your prices to close the gig.

First of all, an essential part to being a successful DJ is having sales skills. And sales skills are developed through training to get you into the right mindsets. Through developing your sales skills, you will better be able to explain the services you offer while understanding the needs and wants of the customer. Therefore you will be better able to charge the prices you are deserving of.

If you are new to sales, Grant Cardone is an excellent person to start following. He is an incredible salesman and is able to articulate the sales process in a very easy to understand way. Also, his books are worth a read.

Don’t Lower Prices

So what is the trick to not lower prices?

Offer value.give value for DJ gigs

I went over in this article how offering value is the short answer to booking DJ gigs. Well, it is also the key to charging the prices you are deserving of.

Too many people are stuck in a “taking” mentality and it is killing you and your relationships. If you stop worrying about what you can get and start thinking about what you can give, life gets easier. As a result of giving, people often give you what you want. It’s funny how it works.

So How Do You Offer Value?

The good news is that there are a tons of ways to offer value. Once you switch your mentality from taking to giving, the flood gates will open.

Take this opportunity to get creative and think of what you would like if you were booking a DJ gig. Put yourself in the customers shoes. Also, you can focus on other things you like or like to do and give that.

What you offer will make you stand out and make you unique.

Maybe you have children and fully understand what they want. Then you can bring games and things to make the children’s birthday party a blast!

Maybe you are a break-dancer and can offer to put on a quick show at a wedding that will amaze people.

Or maybe you even have an epic 3d light show that will kill it in London.

I hope you get the idea and are starting to understand.

For private parties, I personally like to offer a free basic lighting package. The JellyDome by American DJ is my go to light. It is small, lightweight, and clips to my speaker stands. Also, it delivers a ton of value! It spins, strobes, and responds to bass hits in the music which adds a ton of value to the atmosphere. People love it.


If you have been postponing developing your sales skills, it might be time to start paying more attention to that area of your life. Whether you pick up a book to learn some sales techniques or find some other way, it will more than pay off in the end.

But regardless, start thinking of ways to offer more value to your customers in order to get the prices you deserve.

Everyone and every party is unique. So find a way to showcase your uniqueness to your customer and explain how it will add value to their event, and they will be happy to pay your prices.