About Us

So you have learned to DJ. And maybe you have purchased some equipment. But now you are wondering, how do I get DJ gigs?

At Get DJ Gigs, we are dedicated to helping you along the process of getting DJ gigs. From beginner DJ’s, to those more experienced, there is something for everyone here.

From different mindsets, to tips and tricks, book suggestions, and interviews with successful DJs; we offer a wide variety of tools to motivate and assist you along in your journey.

Our goal is to help you grow as a DJ and and to guide you in your career. And we will continuously strive to put out quality content in order to do that. If you have any questions or comments, you can contact us through the contact us page or through our facebook page.

Our Team

DJ Scotty Knows (Owner)

What’s up guys, I am DJ Scotty Knows.

Since starting as a DJ in 2012, I have played the hottest venues in New York and New Jersey. As a bar and club DJ, as well as a mobile DJ, I have had the opportunity to play a wide range of DJ gigs.

From the moment I started, I was lucky to be surrounded with amazing mentors and other DJ’s who I looked up to.

But I still made a ton of mistakes.

This website is an opportunity for me to share the knowledge I have gained throughout my DJ career, so I can help other DJ’s have a successful career and live out their dreams.

You can contact me at scott@getdjgigs.com.