How To Get DJ Gigs – The Short Answer

The main question that new DJ’s ask is, how do I get gigs? There is a long answer and a short one. In its most simplistic form, the answer is you get gigs by offering value.

Value vs. Taking Mindset

Too many people have a taking mentality.

“How can I get someone to pay me to DJ?”

That mindset is selfish and deserving. No one owes you anything in this world. It’s harsh, but true.

Just because you have purchased some equipment and have learned to mix, doesn’t mean everyone will be begging you to be their DJ. Sure, having your own equipment and being able to mix tracks well are factors, but relatively small ones.

Have you ever gone to an event and were excited because the DJ mixed tracks really well and has their own equipment? I’m going to take a guess that most people will say no.

People go to events that are fun. They have a great atmosphere. Good music. And a great crowd. Also, maybe some unique and interesting things to grab your attention.

So get out of the taking mindset and start thinking about how you can offer value.

Here are Some Examples of Ways to Offer Value

  1. Have your own equipment.
  2. Be really good at mixing tracks.
  3. Have your own following.
  4. Offer to bring some extra equipment like a lighting package.
  5. Have a collection of tracks that no one else has. (Remixes, mashups, or your own originals)
  6. Promote the event yourself.
  7. Bring some additional entertainment such as dancers or a live show.
  8. Show reviews from previous gigs where you have been the DJ.
  9. Have a good attitude and energy.


Ultimately, the person that is hiring you to DJ their gig just wants to know that the event is going to be successful. So get out of the selfish taking mindset, and think of ways you can offer value and make the event a blast. The more value you can offer, the more they will trust you to ensure that everyone will have fun. So think outside the box and get creative. Show who you are and create an experience for all to enjoy.

Over to you, what are some ways that you have offered value for DJ gigs you have performed?