Bose F1 Model 812 Speakers Review

After putting these innovative speakers to work and testing them in various situations, we are able to give you our Bose F1 Model 812 speakers review.

Overall, we think that Bose nailed it! The F1 model 812 speakers absolutely melted our ears with crisp audio in an sleek and stylish package. We liked them so much that we ranked them number 2 on our best DJ speakers list.

Now, forgive us if we get geeky in some of the sections of this review, but we are going to cover everything you need to know. This way you can decide if these are the right speakers for you.

Quick Summary of Bose F1 Model 812 Speakers

wedding danceAfter our tests, this is what we found:

  • Lit the room with happiness
  • Great EQ and audio quality
  • Powerful sound enough for everyone in the room to hear CLEARLY
  • Easy setup and smooth operation
  • Comfortable to the ears and even hearing others speak was clear

For small to medium-sized rooms, the F1 model 812 speakers deliver outstanding quality. Some users mentioned it’s heavy while others mentioned how compact and light it is.

All in all, these are well-built and beautifully designed speakers. They are thoughtfully made and forward-thinking, which helps to address some of the most common issues you find with DJ speakers made for mobile events.

If you want your money well spent on a quality speaker that will last, this is it. For parties like sweet 16s, weddings, concerts, birthdays, reunions, and graduations, these speakers are ideal!


  • Full sound & clarity
  • Excellent all-around speaker
  • Easy set-up
  • Wide frequency response
  • Great for live events
  • Easy to hide away cables


  • Lots of moving parts because of the adjustable array
  • Higher Price Range Than Other DJ Speakers

Bose F1 Model 812: Full Review

Let’s go over the exclusive features that make these speakers a standout.

1. Flexible Array Speakers

In the same way that no two speakers are made equal, no two gigs and events are the same.

Bose F1 model 812 uses flexible array technology to address that problem. This means you can choose the shape of the speaker’s vertical coverage pattern, which is modeled after a line array speaker system.

Now for those of us who aren’t sound techies, the flexible array technology allows you direct high-frequency sound where you need it to go!

What Does That Mean?

You won’t need to worry about dead zones or quiet spots because the technology fixes it for you. No matter where your audience stays, they’ll be able to hear CLEAR SOUND from the flex array speakers.

The physics behind high-quality speaker sound can be rather complicated, and we’re not getting into that.

However, we’ll give a shoutout to the innovative minds behind these flexible array speakers and how they thought all that out for you.

Sounds pretty good, right? And we’re just getting started!

2. Adjustable Array & Coverage Patterns

So, if you are wondering how and where to place your line array speakers so your audience can get the best sound, the Bose F1 model 812 makes it easy.

All you have to do is push your front speaker arrays to switch through any of these four outputs, and the speaker’s internal sensors will automatically adjust EQ to your event’s needs.

This saves a whole lot of time when setting up, removing any need to manually adjust the EQ and speaker settings.

To give you a better understanding of the flexible array patterns, let’s talk about which pattern was made to fit your performance requirements best!

These adjustable array speakers have four coverage patterns:

C Pattern

Where the top and bottom array are both facing in.

This pattern offers the most coverage and is the best option for tiered settings or venues where your audience at the same level as the speakers and goes all the way to the roof. Think large auditoriums.

J Pattern

Where the top array faces out while the bottom array faces in.

This type of pattern is best suited for an audience that would be seated lower than the stage. It brings the sound down to their level. Think corporate events where people need to deliver speeches and messages.

Straight Pattern

Where the top and bottom array are both facing out.

This pattern is ideal for performances where the audience is standing, and they’re about the same height as the speakers. Think of a bar setting.

Reverse J Pattern

Where the top array faces in while the bottom faces out.

The reverse J coverage is best for settings where the audience starts from loudspeaker height going up. Think concert halls or regular theater venues.

See why Bose F1 Model 812 speakers are one of the most innovative and flexible stereos available?

With these speakers, regardless of your event, performance, or venue, your audience gets the best quality sound wherever they are in the room!

3. Sound Quality

The Bose F1 Model 812 wasn’t only made to be versatile, but it goes without saying the good people at Bose used the best materials and audio equipment to give the best acoustic experience.

Fair warning, we’re about to throw a bunch of technical terms your way, but just hang in there. We’ll explain along the way too!

Dedicated Amp

Of course, this quality piece of equipment comes with a 1000-watt Class D bi-amplified design.

In everyday language, that just means that the high-mid frequency and low-frequency drivers have their own dedicated amps!

This means the speakers use these amps in situations to its MAXIMUM POTENTIAL.

The high-mid frequency has 8 drivers, mounted on a 100-degree custom waveguide, hidden discreetly at the front. For the low end, you’ll find a 12-inch low-frequency woofer at the back.

Its 1000 wattage packs enough punch to give you a frequency range of 43Hz to 20kHz and a maximum SPL of 132dB.

This extremely wide frequency response means that even in large rooms, these speakers still have solid full sound coverage!

Still, these speakers are better suited to small and mid-sized areas.

Bose F1 Model Sub Woofer

If you aren’t convinced of the level of professionalism these speakers were made, well, let us tell you that these speakers have their very own subwoofer.

That’s right. The Bose F1 subwoofer was made particularly for the Bose F1 Model 812! And boy was it easy to setup!

These are compact 1000-watt platforms built with two high-excursion 10-inch low-frequency drivers, making sure that the bass and low ends sound extra weighty.

This subwoofer has a volume knob, limit front LEDs, an adjustable polarity switch, and a line output EQ to switch between Full Range and HPF (through a high-pass filter at 100Hz).

All of these features were put in place to make the speakers sound crystal clear and crisp for a well-rounded sonic experience.

4. PA System Capabilities

If you’re worried about the ability of the Bose F1 to deliver consistent, high-quality live sound or that you’ll have a PA coverage challenge, don’t be.

Remember when we said these speakers were well-thought-out? Well, now’s a good time to remind you that they really are.

Other speakers only focus on the sound quality that comes out of the actual speaker. The F1 model 812 focuses on not only that but also the way the audience hears the sound.

All the studying, testing, and innovations they made with sound allowed us to have these ingenious and highly reliable speakers.

Need we say more?

5. Connection Options

The connections for these speakers are relatively straightforward but still give you tons of options for customization and adjustable audio settings.

The Bose F1 Model 812 comes with two-line channels, each with its own signal/clip light and volume knob.

  • The first line gives a combo XLR/quarter-inch line supporting TS unbalanced or TRS balanced cables, line level, and switchable mic.
  • The second line gives us a quarter-inch line that supports TRS/TS and 2 RCA connectors.

You’ll find dual switches on the back of the line panel – one for a front LED selector and another for switching from full range to sub-settings.

Now, TAKE NOTE. You won’t find a lot of speakers with RCA options. For aspiring new DJ’s, it’s easier to plug your equipment and play those beats!

6. Set-Up & Style

You’re probably wondering what the setup for the Bose F1 Model 812 is like.

Allow us to say it’s incredibly, unbelievably easy.

Maybe you’re used to lugging around heavy speakers, with the help of one or two other people. Don’t forget your millions of long cables to connect everything.

Well, the Bose F1 Model 812 doesn’t need any of that.

All you have to do is:

  1. Pull up the mounting stand at the back of the subwoofer
  2. Place it into the stand slots at the front of the subwoofer.
  3. Place your F1 Model 812 on top of that stand and you’re all set!

You ever see any set-up quite as easy? Yeah, we were pretty impressed too.

Portable & Premium Look

The Bose F1 Model 812 has an amazing build quality and is highly portable. It might be a little heavy, but it was designed to be easy to carry around and take with you on the go.

So, no worries if you haven’t got an extra pair of hands or a cart to help you move the speakers around.

You’ve successfully moved into the venue, set up your speakers, and are ready to wow the crowd with some high-quality sound!

Before you do, though, we want you to appreciate how elegant the Bose F1 looks. It’s clean and classy, with horizontal and vertical lines that make it look extra professional.

Cable Management System

If you have trouble with your speakers looking messy and unprofessional with various wires hanging out, then leave your troubles behind with the Bose F1.

Built in to the system are various channels and hooks for running the wires and cables. Intuitive and easy to use, it ensures that your setup is always looking neat and professional.


The Bose F1 812 speakers are easily one of the most creative, imaginative, and highly functional speakers on the market. We feel that this speaker is a great choice for the mobile DJ to use while in a bar or at a venue.

Since, this speaker is made by Bose you know that it will hold up to A+ standards. They have long stood up as a company that delivers quality products that last.

In the end, although they are a little more pricey than other DJ speakers, you are getting a ton of value in this option. So, if you have the budget and want to buy something that you won’t have to upgrade or replace for a while, then this is a excellent choice.