Full Info and Pricing on the 9 Best DJ Pools

Whether you are just starting out as a DJ or are a seasoned veteran, you need to have a good selection of music. One of the best places to get the hottest new remixes and tracks is in DJ record pools. These nine websites are the best DJ pools around.

Let’s get one thing out of the way, unless you are only going to play throwback parties, you will always need new music. Whether that means finding the best new songs, finding cool remixes of classics, mind-blowing mashups, or acapellas that can spice up your sets, you can find them all at DJ pools.

How Do DJ Pools Work?

Record pools are a place where music industry professionals are legally allowed to download songs for promotional purposes.

Essentially, DJ Pool websites have agreements with the record labels that allow them to post songs for a certain amount of time under licensing rights.

They allow these agreements since music professionals promote awareness of new songs. In the end, this helps increase the artist’s exposure and provide a type of marketing for them.

Each DJ pool works a little differently, but generally, you can download a set number of songs by paying them a fee. Fees are typically billed monthly, quarterly, or yearly. And the number of allotted downloads can range from a fixed number to unlimited downloads.

Once downloaded, these songs can be imported into your DJ software and played in your sets. Often times, they will already include information like cue points, key, and genre.

9 Best DJ Pools

Finding the right pool for you is important. Unfortunately, not every song you want is on every pool. So, often DJs have subscriptions for several pools and still get specific tracks from outside vendors like iTunes and Beatport.

All of the following websites offer high-quality tracks that are often above 320kbps. This way, you know that you are getting clear audio through your DJ speakers without any excess noise and static.

Without further due, let’s get into the details of these top record pools.

1. Promo Only

PromoOnly Logo


Promoonly.com is one of the most popular DJ pools with the largest library of songs. They started in 1992 and have grown to have offices all over the world.

This big brand has clients like iHeartRadio, Universal Studios, and Sirius/XM radio. With clients like these, you know they are the real deal. Also, if you are a video DJ, they have videos available for download as well.


For billing, they have monthly subscriptions as well as a discount for an annual prepay. And they have a variety of packages available. Single genres start at $12 per month, and packages go all the way up to $100 monthly. It really depends on your needs to determine your monthly cost.

2. Digital Music Pool

Digital Music Pool Logo


Next up, we have a service that is so much more than a DJ pool. That is because they have a few things that set them apart from other services.

First off, Digital Music Pool has a ton of acapellas. This is cool if you are into making your own mashups and some really cool mixing techniques.

Secondly, they have a ton of production tools available for download. Every so often, they release a production tools pack that. These packs are combinations of one-shots and samples to spice up your own songs and remixes. It is definitely an excellent added value.

Finally, at DMP, you can upload your own original tracks and remixes for submission. If approved, other DJs can download and play the music that you worked hard at. This is great because it gives budding producers a chance to expand their audience while also giving DJs access to rare remixes and original tracks.


With DMP, the pricing is simple. You can either subscribe to the service at $14.97 per month, or you can buy a 3, 6, or 12-month block. The longer blocks have additional savings and do not need to be canceled.

3. Direct Music Service

direct music service logo


Direct Music Service is another pool that has been around a while. They started in 1999 and are used by some legends like Lil Jon and DJ Jazzy Jeff.

We really like that they have a large selection of music, but what really sets them apart is that they have an in-house editing team. This allows them to have considerable variations of every song. Things like acapella-in, acapella-out, and redrums are their specialty. Danny Diggs, DJ Scooter, and DJ Kue are some of the DJs on their team making the edits.

They even will make a custom edit if you request it.

On top of all that, they have a mobile app and integration with dropbox. This way, you can work while on the go.


At DMS, they have a starter, semi-pro, and pro packages. Each one has different pricing and number of allowed downloads per month.

The starter plan is $29.95 per month and includes 40 downloads, or you can pay for the full year and get a discount, which makes it $269.95 for the year. The pro plan has unlimited downloads and is $64.95 per month, or $359.95 when paid for the full year in advance.

4. DJ City

DJ City Logo


DJ City is another popular DJ pool.

What we like about them is that they are very world-oriented. So, you will always have access to the top charts around the world. On top of that, they always have a long list of DJ City exclusive tracks, and everything is sorted by specific sub-genres.

One final thing that makes them unique is that they give you recommendations based on your previous downloads. This is certainly a big help for discovering new tracks that you like.

One thing to note is that you won’t find a lot of throwbacks on this site. Their licensing only allows them to have new music.


Their pricing is straightforward and simple. The service costs $90 for a three-month term with unlimited downloads.

It automatically renews, so be sure to cancel if you no longer want the service after your time is up.

5. BPM Supreme

BPM Supreme Logo


BPM Supreme is another good all-around DJ pool that consistently delivers quality music to industry professionals.

One thing that we really liked about this website is that they keep track of all your downloads. So, if something happens where you lose all your music, it is easy to re-download everything again that you got off BPM Supreme.

Aside from that, they are just a reliable site with a good selection of new and old tracks. You can be sure to find all the edits that you need to spin a great set.


We like that they currently have a promotion where the first month is $9.99 to try their service. This way you can get a feel to see if you like it.

There are two options if you continue, standard($19.99) and premium($29.99). They are both similar, except in the premium plan, you have access to cloud rescue, playlists, and HQ audio streaming.

Also, you can cancel at any time, and there are no contracts or commitments.

6. Digital DJ Pool

Digital DJ Pool Logo


Digital DJ Pool is another website where you can upload your own tracks for other DJs to download. Inside, you can monitor your track’s performance and see how many times it was downloaded, liked, and where it was downloaded.

This feedback is really important for up and coming music producers.

What makes Digital DJ Pool unique is that it is also a social network. You can follow your favorite artists and connect with DJs in the industry.

Also, aside from the top 40 lists, they also show you what songs are trending so you can be ahead of the curve and get the best tunes fast.

All in all, they are a solid choice at a fair price.


Digital DJ Pool currently has a cheap trial. You can try it out for 5 days for $1, which is amazing. After that, the pricing is straightforward. For $20 per month, you get all the features of their software and unlimited downloads.

7. Club Killers

Club Killers Logo


If you have yet to listen to a Club Killers mix, you are missing out. They definitely know how to bring the energy.

Club Killers also has a DJ pool filled with club music and edits that are used by many DJs around the world. Their exclusive edits are high energy tracks that make the clubs go crazy.

If you are a wedding DJ or looking for throwbacks, this probably isn’t the pool for you.


$35 per month allows you to be part of the club.

8. iDJ Pool

iDJpool logo


iDJPool is owned by David Castro and has been servicing DJs since 1985.

With a separate plan for country and urban DJs, they offer a wide variety of music. Some other unique genres that they include are Christian, gospel, jazz music, and holiday selections.

Also, they include DJ tools like samples, scratches, and beats in some of their plans.


They have different tiers of plans based on your wants and needs. The country DJ pool is their least expensive option and is $15 per month. Their full option is a little costly at $50 per month, but they offer a discount for military, veterans, police, and fire personnel.

9. Late Night Record Pool

Late Night Record Pool Logo


Late Night Record Pool is another pool with a ton of throwbacks and old school hits. They claim to have the most throwbacks of any pool, and by looking at the selection, that might be true.

One thing that stood out to us is that there are many instrumental versions available, especially for the throwbacks, which tend to be hard to find. This is really useful for DJs looking to make their own remixes and edits.


They have one plan with unlimited downloads, but the pricing depends on your commitment. The monthly plan starts at $47 per month, and on the flip side, the yearly option has 30% savings and will cost you $397 for the year if paid upfront.


Depending on the type of DJ you are, there is a pool for you.

Ultimately, getting higher-quality versions and cool edits of different tunes will help elevate your DJ sets to new levels. So, pick one of these top DJ pools and go from there.

For this reason, we highly recommend taking advantage of trial periods and monthly service plans until you find the right one for you.

If you like it, you can stick with it. On the other hand, if you don’t you can always try another one until you find one that fits your needs. You may even find out that you want subscriptions to multiple pools. Everyone is a little different.

Either way, we are sure that there is an option on this list that will expand your music selection.