Using These 2 Words Will Get You 68% More DJ Gigs

What would you say if I told you that there are two words that will get you more DJ gigs?

That these two words will change how you appear to club and bar owners? And completely change your energy levels and demeanor? Right now, if you are not saying these words, you are losing more DJ gigs than you realize.

Whether it is getting new gigs, or getting re-booked, these words are important!

Are you ready? Do you know what they are?

say thank you to book more DJ gigs

If you guessed, “thank you”, you are right!

Having an attitude of gratitude is so important when it comes to being a DJ.

Bar owners and club promoters can hire anyone to come up and stand in the booth and play tunes, but what sets people apart is their attitude. I have seen too many DJ’s that have a poor attitude and look miserable. They think that they are too good for that particular gig. Or the crowd isn’t big enough. Their negative energy infects everybody in the room and ruins the night. They never get invited back.

On the other hand, if you are in a state of gratitude you will have more energy and will better connect with the crowd. The staff at the bar will enjoy your presence. And they will want you to come back, thus you will get more gigs.

Be thankful whenever you get the chance.

Gratitude gets you more DJ gigs

So, you called up a bar owner to see if he needs a DJ. Thank him for taking the time to speak with you.

He scheduled a meeting with you? Thank him for the opportunity to speak in person.

You had a meeting with an owner or promoter? Thank them for taking the time to meet with you.

They allowed you to play? Thank them for giving you a chance.

Thank the bouncers or whoever made your load in a little easier. Say thank you to the bartenders for pouring your drinks. Appreciate anyone who tells you that you are doing a good job. Be grateful for the crowd that came and had fun. And be sure to thank everyone all over again at the end of the night.

You get the idea.


It is too easy to let all the negativity creep in. And take everything for granted. But try to remember, we get paid to be at a party having fun. Let me repeat that, we get paid to be at a party having fun. And if you are not having fun, take a look inwards at yourself first. Are you in a state of gratitude? If not, start to be aware of all the people and things that are conspiring to help you, and say “thank you”. If you start saying those two words more often, you will be booking more DJ gigs before you know it.